EPL top scorers: Heung-min son closes the gap

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The 2021/2022 English premier league season is on the verge of ending as tough competition intensifies. Liverpool and Manchester City battle for the crown as Everton, Leads and Watford fights to jump off the relegation zone. Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs and Chelsea fight to secure a top 4 finish that will grant them a champions league slot.

The race for the Golden boot is open once again as Heung-min Son closes the gap between him and the leading top scorer Mohammed Salah of Liverpool. Cristiano Ronaldo is the third. There are still four games before the top performers of the premier league are rewarded.

Here are the top ten top scorers as of game 34:

  1. Mohammed salah [Liverpool]- 22 goals
  2. Son Heung-min [Tottenham] –  19 goals
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo [Man u]       -17 goals

4.Diogo  Jota [Liverpool]- 15 goals

5.Sadio   Mane [Liverpool]- 14 goals

6. Ivan  Toney [Brentford]-  12 goals

6. Zaha [Crystal palace]  –     12 goals

9. Kevin de Bruyne [ Man city] -11 goals

9. Saka  [Arsenal]  –      11 Goals

9. Riyad Mahrez [Man city]- 11 goals


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