Jurgen Kloop warns ahead of the Villareal tie

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has warned his players and insisted that the semi-final tie against Villareal isn’t over. The players have to give it the last push that will enable them to sail to the champions league finals.

” you never know if you will reach a semi-final or have the chance to go to the final again. You never know. We have an exceptional team, but nothing is for granted” Jurgen Klopp relishing Liverpool’s champions league showdown with Villareal.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool has had an exemplary performance this season after winning the Carabao cup and proceeding to the English FA final. They will meet Chelsea FC, who they edged out on penalties to win the Carabao Cup. Liverpool has also narrowed the gap to 1 point behind Manchester City in the English Premier League.

Liverpool has an advantage lead of 2-0 against Villareal. Still, Jurgen insists that the team must stay focused since Villareal may be an obstacle in Liverpool’s quest to reach a third Champions League final in five years. Villareal knocked out Germany champions Bayern Munich and Juventus.

“At this moment, a champions league semi-final is the most important game you can play. Whatever happened in the last few weeks or will happen in the next few weeks is not important, for this moment is clear’‘ Jurgen added.

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