Heung-min warmly welcomed in South Korea

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Tottenham Hotspurs forward and English premier league golden boot winner alongside Mohammed Salah of Liverpool, Heung-Min Son was given heroic welcome in South Korea after returning home with the EPL golden boot after scoring 23 goals.

Son became the first Asian player to win the award qand he enters the books of history as one of the best Asian players. At the airport a multitude of fans flocked to see the superstar as he posed for photographs and signed autographs.

This success caught the attention of the South Korean President, Yoon Seok-Youl who stated ” This is a joyous occasion to be celebrated by the entire Asian Football community. I believe this award is the result of your passion after having devoted yourself and worked endlessly for your team all season.”

Son managed to win the golden boot by scoring 23 open goals and this assisted spurs in regaining the top-four finish after three years.

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