Moi University to lay off staff

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Moi University is again in the spotlight with the current plan to lay off a good number of its staff members, this is attributed to financial constraints which are currently being witnessed in the university.

According to the University Internal memo seen by monitor254, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Issac Kosgey has attributed the situation to increased wage bill up to 70% which is taking a large stake of capitation and the instutation can not hold it anymore.

“As you are aware,  the university has been facing difficulties in meeting the wage bill obligations. Over the years, the University wage bill has been increasing, currently taking over 70% of Capitation from the Exchequer. With the continued  decline of the revenues, the University is unable to sustain the growing wage bill and, as such, it has become necessary to undertake  right-sizing  of the human resource to ensure the sustainability of the university and its operations.” Quoted the memo.

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The number of staff working at Moi University is estimated to be about 10,000 and the institution is not the only one facing the challenge of funding, several local universities have reported similar scenarios, and the situation is greatly attributed to the reduction of a number of self-sponsored students in the recent years and the mismanagement of the available funds among the key factors.

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