DJ Bash to baby mama “I let you down, I am sorry”

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DJ Bash has been trending on social media in the past few weeks with his estranged ex-wife, and some netizens have claimed that the DJ has been battling depression.

The DJ wrote on his social media, “Mama Neo, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you. I let you down. Time and time again, I hurt your feelings. I’m sorry. I pray that God helps me a better friend, a better father and a stronger partner in raising our son. Love always”

DJ Bash has been making online rants after the baby mama left him for rich mzungu.  Gathoni was allegedly bought a Mercedez Benz on her birthday by the rich lover.

The two have washed their dirt lines on the public after the entertainer claimed that the ex-lover has made co-parenting difficult and he has restricted access to their son Neo.

A week earlier, the DJ admitted that it was true he was undergoing a difficult situation and he may be battling depression.

“Love and Light. I am tired, physically an mentally. I haven’t slept the last 3 days and with nothing o show or it as I just paid everyone as we part ways. As I always sign out of my show, Y’all be kind to one another 💚💛❤️ Neo, let me know when you get to Nairobi, hopefully I can get another 1 day to spend with you before you go back to school: can’t believe this holiday I only spent 2 days with you. With non of that being my fault, I have to literally beg to spend time with the only person who I share unconditionally love with. And dear God, asking as your son, WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE WHAT AM GOING THROUGH just find a way to answer me otherwise I will understand why I am already living in hell❤️” Stated DJ Bash.


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