Rigathi Gachagua: Our economic situation is bad, there is no money in the treasury.

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President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua are on the verge of marking their first week in office, their first week in office has been marked with a lot of radical decisions being made, the critical one was removing fuel subsidies which created the sudden skyrocketing of fuel products and the cost of basic commodities.

DP Gachagua in an Interview with NTV painted a dire situation of the current economy in Kenya, which he described as ‘bad’. He further echoed the message that the treasury currently does not have money and it will take some months before they start delivering their promises on reducing the prices of the basic commodities.

“Our economic situation is very bad; if the previous administration had gone on the way they were with the fuel subsidy, for another 6 months we would have had an economic shutdown. Right now there is no money at the treasury, in another 2-3 months Kenyans will start seeing things picking up; already we have 1.4 Million bags of fertilizer ready for the short rains.” Stated Gachagua.

This comes after President Ruto’s confident Senator Kiprotich Cherargei disclosed that the treasury was only remaining with ksh97 million a statement which elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans.

“The economy is no longer in ICU But Death because H.E Ruto found only 93.7M at the treasury, Uhuru went home with everything. State Capture is REAL !. The country is broke Kenyans be patient H.E Ruto shall fix this thro economic transformation & Prayers from all of us. Amen.” Stated Cherargei on his social media handles.

As this is going on, Kenyans are waiting to see if the Kenya Kwanza government will be able to deliver its promise of reducing the cost of living in less than 100 days despite the earlier disclaimers being witnessed.

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