What is happening to Bahati Kenya?

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Musician Kevin Mbuvi Kioko alias Bahati has gone quiet since losing his Mathare Parliamentary seat bid; the singer last posted on August 9th, while on Twitter, he last posted on August 11th.

“DEAR I.E.B.C We Need Answers!!! Everything is at Stand Still at The St. Teresa’s Tallying Centre and We can Sense Rigging Plans…. TELL US WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” Bahati stated on Twitter on August 11th.

Bahati fans are even worried about what might be happening to the musician; yesterday night, he deleted all of his Instagram posts, a move which left many confused.



Many of his fans have linked her recent withdrawal with the shock he received after losing in the August polls. In the race, Bahati became third with 8,166 votes vying under Jubilee Party; UDA’s Bilian Ojiwa was the second with 16,912 votes while ODM’s Antony Oluoch became the winner with 28,098 votes.

Mtoto wa mama, as they call him, is still recovering from the political loss; in one of the interviews with one of the local media before the election, he admitted to having spent over Ksh 50 million for his campaign, this massive input may be huge to bare with crushed dreams.

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