Erick Omondi and Bien clash over Kenyan music’s current state

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Comedian Erick Omondi has been vocal in matters regarding Kenyan music; in most cases, he has been at the forefront in critiquing the state of the music industry. According to the comedian, the Industry is dead and has been dominated by foreign music.

Omondi took to his Instagram page to hit the Industry as he claimed that it was shameful that in the top 100 Kenya apple music, 89 artists come from Nigeria, nine from America and only two managed from Kenya.

In the top 100 Kenya Apple Music, The Top 89 are Nigerian, 9 American and only 2 Kenyan!!!!! THERE is NO SHORTCUT!!! LAZIMA Mutaniskia by Force ama you’ll remain in that position. Same thing Kwa ground, Since October last year there has been 26 Major Concerts in Nairobi, 23 were all headlined by Foreign Artists only 3 were headlined by Kenyan Artists of which two I fought for with blood and sweat almost literally!!! UNTIL YOU LISTEN this will only get worse!!! The formula is simple and I have said it only A MILLION TIMES! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!!” Omondi stated.

The statement however, did not go well with Bien of Sauti Sol, who savagely hit back at Erick. Bien believes that the comedian is overstepping a jurisdiction that is not met for instead of focusing on his comedian sphere, which is equally doing poorly.

“Because where is your Netflix comedy special? Or whatever metric they use to measure success in comedy. You take out your steam on music while comedy is on its deathbed. Usel€ss burukenge“Bien bitterly responded.

Erick Omondi has been vocal regarding Kenyan music; earlier, he came up with an initiative for Kenyan airplay to play 70% of local music; however it did not see the light of the day, local musicians felt disrespected by the comedian and decided not to cooperate.

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