“Life is for the living” Pauline Njoroge gushing over her Italian vacation

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Digital strategist Pauline Njoroge could not hide her joy as she visited one of her favourite Italian destinations. She has not hesitated to give followers a snip view of her vacation as she transverses various Italian destinations.

The Blogger left for Rome on September 26 and he was able to visit the most famous Vatican City; she could not hide her joy as she visited the historical St Peters’s Basilica chapel.

A girl had a day to fulfill yet another dream, visiting the state within a city:

✅ St. Peter’s Basilica
✅ Vatican Museums
✅ Sistine Chapel (has the most famous ceiling in the world, Michelangelo’s paintings are breathtaking!). It is at this Chapel that cardinals meet to appoint the pope. That gathering is called the conclave.
My day in summary: Religion, architecture, art. I was even dressed like a good Christian,” Pauline stated
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Pauline fans were thrilled with her sharing a vacation experience; some cheekily insisted on knowing who a photographer was. The Blogger has played a low profile in her dating life; fans are anxious to know if she has the lucky man.


“Good morning ☀️
The photographer pia ametuma salamu 😅
Alafu to those complaining on my posts that I am quiet about the new cabinet, ni vile mimi sina maoni….” Pauline quickly answered the curious fans.
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Pauline Njoroge was pivotal in influencing the AZIMIO-ONE Kenya alliance in the August 2022 elections. Over the past ten years, she has allegedly been loyal in her blogging to former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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