Meet Lucky Diamond Rich, the most tattooed man in the world

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Well, the world of art has a lot to offer; several artists around the globe continue showcasing what they can be able to achieve. One man, Lucky Diamond Rich, is on the record and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most tattooed human in the world.

Lucky Diamond Rich was born Gregory Paul McLaren in New Zealand; Lucky is on the record, having his first tattoo at age 16 while at a traveling circus.

Lucky body is covered with 200% with tattoos, some tattoos are written on others and he admitted in one of the interviews that it had taken him over 1000 hours to be inked. The 51-year-old  also has some body piercings and his teeth have been replaced by silver veneers.

“I’m more than 100% covered; I’ve had tattoos over tattoos over tattoos,” stated Lucky.

I'm no different to anyone else' - meet Lucky Diamond Rich, the world's most tattooed man | Guinness World Records

(Photo/Guinness World Records)

Tattoo Culture

Tattoo culture has been traced from ancient and some cultures embraced them in their traditions and practices. In the 21st century, the culture has even been dominantly promoted by mainstream media by showcasing various art.

Many tattoo artists dominate the American showbiz industry, and even African societies are embracing the art. Various people have reasons for tattooing their bodies; some do it to pass the message of love or some pain of life, while some do it because it’s trendy.


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