Aisha Jumwa emotionally breakdown as she narrates the struggles of her upbringing during vetting

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Public service cs nominee Aisha Jumwa appeared today before the service vetting committee to answer critical questions on his services and governance life.

The former Malindi MP vied unsuccessfully for the Kilifi Govonorniship’s post after being appointed as CS in President’s Ruto cabinet.

Aisha Jumwa caught the Media’s attention as she emotionally narrated the struggle she encountered in her childhood. Jumwa stated that at one point, she was forced to drop out of school due to poverty and ended up in marriage; she affirmed that it was not easy at one point helping the family to raise her 27 siblings.

On the record, Jumwa is stated to have dropped out of school while in Form Two; she completed her secondary school studies back in 2011.

Net worth

The question of nominees’ net worth has popped up in the vetting committee on the trails; Aisha Jumwa has stated that she is Ksh 100m worth, mainly sourced from a Parliamentary pension.

Gun issue?

Kikuyu Member of Parliament Kimani ichung’wa posed the gun question on Aisha Jumwa, which she strongly refuted.

“I don’t own a gun and never applied for a gun. My cases were politically instigated, the DPP dropped the case on misappropriation of funds. In the murder trial, I empathise with the family. It is unfortunate I am clear in my mind I never shot anyone ” stated Aisha Jumwa.


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