Eric Omondi Blasts Willy Paul and Jovial

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Kenyan comedian and entertainer Eric Omondi has once again blasted Willy Paul and Jovial for underperforming on his latest song, Lalala after drawing the attention of the netizens that the two were dating. Eric had earlier hailed the two for mastering the art of showbiz. The song has garnered 800k views in two weeks.

However, while addressing the media, Eric Stated that he was disappointed with the quality of the video and it was incomparable to the quality of the videos presented by the Tanzania, Nigeria and South African musicians. This is not the first time he has attacked Willy Paul. Six months ago, he was in the limelight after signing Miss P and faking pregnancy, eliciting mixed reactions after Eric and Miss P’s baby bump photos surfaced. They admitted that they were dating for Miss P to release a song for the first time after exiting Willy Paul’s Saldido records.

For months, Eric has been pushing for the ‘play 75% Kenya music. He is now optimistic that the parliament will discuss the motion and unanimously pass the bill that will become law after President William Ruto sign it. He had asked presenters in the mainstream media to prepare adequately since the bill passed without any resistance and urged the Kenyan musicians to be creative as the enormous opportunity awaited them.

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