Pogba’s agent defends his poor form in Manchester United.

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Pogba rejoined Man Utd from Juventus in a record-breaking £89m move in 2016 and assisted Jose Mourinho’s side in winning Europa and the league cup. However, his stay at Old Trafford was marred by countless injuries and disagreements with the coach. He openly disagreed with Jose Mourinho’s tactics and was accused of having a bad influence in the dressing room.

Paul Pogba’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta, has highlighted the Frenchman’s struggles at Manchester United down to injuries and the club’s ‘transitional’ phase.

“Paul was playing all the time for Manchester United when he was not injured. When he was injured, that was something else. He did not choose to be injured. But he played when he was not injured,” she told the Telegraph.

“Now I think Manchester United is going through a transitional phase…United is going through a restructuring phase and I think Paul was part of that phase. They are still going through it and they will make it, I have no doubt, but Paul was in the middle of it.”

Paul Pogba rejoined Juventus and has already resumed training after suffering a long-term injury. He hopes to be fit for the world cup in Qatar next month.

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