Eric Omondi vows to ensure foreign shows flop after SA DJ is stranded.

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For over a  year, Eric Omondi has been championing the play of 75% Kenyan music on the mainstream media and has prepared a bill that is expected to be tabled into the senate.

He has vowed to end the foreign dominance in the Kenyan music industry and vehemently criticised Kenyan promoters, especially after a South African Dj was left stranded in Nairobi.

He posted ”So this is Dj Chichi South Africa. She has been stuck here for weeks now with bills mounting to over 200k after a Kenyan promotor brought here and ghosted her and left her without pay, accommodation or an air ticket. This is my order to all promoters in this country. DO NOT! and I repeat do not invite any more foreign artists until we have order. First of all you are killings our own and then. Secondly, you are shaming us abroad. Do NOT!!! and if you try, you will ensure your event flops. Try me, IDI0TS.”

According to Eric, the bill will be ready for tabling on Tuesday next week.

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