Maajabu! Terence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby seen twerking for Bahati(Video)

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An online video showing Terrence Creative wife, Milly Chebby and Bahati Kenya twerking has left netizens with many questions unanswered. A good number of people questioned the morality of the celebrity involved while questioning if they respect the institution of marriage.

Kenyan celebrities have treated some aspects of life casually, while some will go ahead and do anything for clout chasing without feeling shame.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens.

Anko Jose: That’s really a bad picture for a married woman. Can I really fathom my wife doing that with my friend?? A woman’s body is sacred.

Sawe Shadrack: Marriage respect is not something to borrow ,it’s inner believe to cherish and adore in every place you get yourself.

Bonnie Kimani:Where is marriage respect? Where is the boundary? Its so shameful.

Connie Mwaivu:People no longer have fear of God. Especially the so called celebs, they do everything in the name of fame. Social media never forgets, when their kids grow up will come across such dirty videos done by their parents. Anyway let me continue wondering!

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