Ruto’s government aiming to target all id holders in tax mobilization

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President William Ruto has sparked a debate among Kenyans after raising a question grounded on Kenyans who have KRA Pins; according to the President, only 7millions Kenyans have KRA pins against the 30 million Mpesa users registered.

The new regime aims to improve taxation revenue to reduce external borrowing, which the past government greatly did and they have already indicated that they will apply various methods to achieve as they aim to achieve their economic plan, which was anchored in their campaigns.

“There are only 7 million people with KRA pin numbers. In the same economy, Safaricom’s’ MPESA has 30 million registered customers, transacting billions daily. The fact that this opportunity remains unclear to KRA demonstrates why radical changes are necessary.” Stated President Ruto.

However, a section of netizens has expressed mixed reactions to the issue.

Not every ID holder in Kenya has a KRA pin. Why? Because they’ve got no money to be taxed! What are you talking about? The money collected from those 7 million people, most likely only a small amount of it is used for development. The rest is looted! Sasa
2. The problem lies not in people paying taxes; it lies majorly in how the taxes are used. When people see their taxes being used for “useless” trips, do you expect them to.


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