It will cost you Ksh 36million to buy Anerlisa Muigai Instagram account.

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Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has been hitting the media in the recent past for both good and bad reasons. Anerlisa always has been not shy from flaunting her flamboyant lifestyle, in some cases, high-end cars and luxury watches.

The NERO CEO has now confidently come out and stated her Instagram rate card for her digital marketing and promotional purposes and if you thought it was cheap, you have to rethink it again.

Anerlisa Muigai's Property Auctioned Over Multi-Million Debt - Business  Today Kenya

Anerlisa’s Social media rate card, as captured, includes the following:

1: Post on the main page >$6000 for three weeks 3 posts only(Ksh720,840)

2:Post on Stories for 24 hours for small businesses $100 for three stories(Ksh 12,140)

3: Post on stories for 24 hours for corporate and companies $ 200 for three stories(Ksh24,280)

5:Post on stories 12 hours>$ 65 for 3 stories(Ksh 7,891)

6:Mention on my main page under my picture post/mention >500(Ksh 60,700)

7: Brand Ambassador>$100,000 for 3 months(Ksh 12,140,000)

(I will not accept any brand that includes nudity)

8:Apperaence for promotion>$15,000 for 2.5hours(Ksh 1,821,000)

9:Buy My Social Media Pages. >$300,000(Ksh 36, 340,000)


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