Andrew Kibe pledges to support ‘Riggy G’

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Controversial US-based content creator Andrew Kibe has pledged to support comedian KK Mwenyewe who acts as’Riggy G”.

In a recent post, he had raised $1000.

“We do another ‘blessing’ round tonight then hand over kibunda mzuri. So far we are above 1,000$ and still climbing. Every cent we collect

will match. Our Riggy G will have his cash tonight atese mbaya!” Kibe posted while responding to KK Mwenyewe’s video.

The deputy president recognized Ivy Jelimo, the lady behind the name Riggy G and offered her a job. Ivy graduated last week.
Most expected that KK Mwenyewe, a Kisii university student, could benefit from the Riggy’s camp; unfortunately, no communication has been issued.
KK also specializes in other societal content.

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