Another blow for Meru governor Mwangaza kawira

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After several weeks of unending tantrums and rift between Meru governor Mwangaza Kawira and Meru MCAs, the battle has taken a new twist after the MCAs declined to approve the appointment of the 7 out of 10 CEC on Tuesday, 1st November.


The county assembly members only approved three dockets: Legal affairs, finance docket and education. The rift began when the governor instructed the members of the county assembly to explain in writing the use of ward funds before she committed to signing the release of any county funds.

Governor Kawira Mwangaza was accused of nepotism and a motion of impeachment by county residents was filed. Kawira’s husband was also accused of meddling in official county affairs.

The MCAs have vowed to deal with the governor and this seems to be one of the many others that are yet to come. Initially, they had walked out of the first county assembly address by governor Mwangaza. She is the only governor to be elected on an independent ticket, but she has an affiliation with President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza.

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