Akothee’s daughter warns Kenyans.

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For the past few weeks, businesswoman cum musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has been in the limelight after introducing her new mzungu bae. This has evoked mixed reactions as some netizens felt sided with Akothee’s ex Nelly Oaks while others threw jibes at her in the most unpleasing terms.

Akothee is known to be a bold lady who sometimes is a hard nut to crack and she seems to be madly in love and hasn’t had time to respond to her critics. Her Daughter Fancy Makadia has warned a section of Kenyans who have consistently hurled insults towards her mother and her family.

She responded to a fan claiming that Akothee’s dating is monetary-oriented. Fancy is one of Akothee’s three daughters. Her other siblings are two boys.

Akothee’s children are public figures and were introduced in Akothee’s home series, which she posted on her social media showing the other side of her life as a mother. Rue baby is probably the most famous among Akothee’s children.


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