Jalang’o ‘s former ally languishing in poverty

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Jalang’o’s former employee Eli Omundu has shared a heartbreaking of his life in a village in Bungoma county after the ultimate friendship ended with Langata MP  and his former boss. Elly in the company of his colleague Morrison Litiema had stolen one million shillings from his boss Jalang’o.


The video shows his kids sleeping on a thin mattress and blankets that are in bad shape. Eli Omundu is comforting his son that once he will turn out to be a doctor.

“hawa ndio madaktari wa kesho, wamezoea mbu.”
  • sijali Eli: there is always second chance in life, just hold on unto God🙏🙏
    God is somewhere watching, don’t worry bro things will be ok.
    We are products of the same life we are still hustling to have a better tomorrow, never give up@ Eli_omundu_khumundu ipo siku God atakuonekania tena, there is a second chance coming brother.
    I like your content, it’s so real and we can all relate. Man you are better on your own, you are great. Keep giving us more of this content. Never look back.
    All of us we make mistake but we are being judged differently, Dont blame yourself for what happened. One day and I repeat, one day… things will be alright.
    Weka Imani yako kwa Mungu. Mambo itakuwa sawa ndugu.

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