Diana Marua writes a lovely message to Bahati

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November has been arguably the best for Diana Marua, alias Diana B who joined the music industry this year and has been enjoying the limelight as a musician and content creator. For a long time, the couple has left netizens taking due to their numerous inventions and clout.

On the 5th, she celebrated her 33rd birthday, just a few days after welcoming their third child on the 1st of November 2022, whom they named Malaika Nyambura. Her Instagram page was open just a day after her birth and had accumulated over 12k followers in less than a day.

The queen of the lyric has professed love for his hubby Bahati in a lyrical and romantic rhythm; she writes:

Nitakuita wangu kabla uitwe na Maulana

You’re my rose, but I’ll still give you your flowers

Nitakupenda sahii na kama sio sahii ni sasa Hivi

I’m on your team, Not against you

Lazima nikuzalie watu wenu wanijue

I’ll spend my today and my always with you. @Bahatikenya, you will always be my forever, I love you



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