Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester united betrayed me.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his feelings and accused  Manchester United of trying to force him out of the club and says he has “no respect” for the manager Erik ten Hag because he doesn’t respect him.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo also claimed zero progress at the club since the 2013 season, the last season under Alex Ferguson.

He hinted that the Manchester united Hierarchy has frustrated him and they have been trying to push him out of the club: “Yes. The coach and the other two or three guys around the club. I felt betrayed.”

“Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t care. People should hear the truth. Yes, I feel betrayed. Some people don’t want me here, not only this year but last year too.

“I don’t know what’s going on. Since Sir Alex Ferguson left, I have seen not evolution in the club. The progress was zero.”

“For example, an interesting point is how a club like Manchester United sacked Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer) brings in a sporting director Ralf Rangnick which nobody understands. This guy is not even a coach! A big club like Manchester United bringing in a sporting director surprised me and the world.”

“Nothing changes. Not only the jacuzzi, the pool, and even the gym. Even some points of technology, the kitchen, the chefs – who I appreciate, lovely people! They stopped in time, which surprised me a lot.”

“I thought I would see different things, technology, infrastructure. Unfortunately, we see many things I’m used to seeing when I’m 21, 22, 23. It surprised me a lot.”

On Ten Hag: “I don’t have respect for him because he doesn’t show respect for me. If you don’t have respect for me, I’m never gonna have respect for you.”

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