Butita responds to Mammito’s claim

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A perfect example of love gone sour as Comedian Mammito reveals that she is no longer dating Eddie Butita. The two had never revealed what transpired for several months.

During a vernacular interview, she revealed that she is single and ready to mingle.

For a long time, Butita has been ignoring queries regarding their relationship till the recent claim by Mammito, In a radio interview with Milele FM’s Ankari.

“For me, I will never talk about that issue. It’s something that I am not comfortable in addressing it. If you meet me with Mammito anywhere then be free to ask that question. I may reveal details that are unpleasant  to either side. With due respect I choose to keep silent.”

Butita and Mammito had a kid together, followed by prolonged cold interactions that led to speculations of a potential breakup, definitely marked by unfollowing each other on social media platforms.

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