Shock as a 60-year old loses 700k to a woman

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A 60-year-old man from Murang’a recounts how a drinking spree led to losing 700,000 shillings within a week to a lady she met in Maragua town. Tom Wathika Ikonya narrates how he went into a bar to elevate his mood after securing a good deal on the 10th of November and by the 17th of the same month, he was stranded with no cash in his pocket.

Ikonya narrates that on a fateful day, he bought eight beers worth 6,320 shillings and was in the company of a woman whom he describes as looking genuine despite being warned by his close friend. At around 10.45 pm, the bar attendant informed him that the bar was on the verge of closing time. As a gentleman, Ikonya opted to book a room but the lady declined and offered to offer accommodation at her place. Ikonya was reluctant but after mind-blowing kisses, he agreed and the lady promised to treat him like a king and off they went.

He stayed in the woman’s place for six good days as he received the royal treatment. He started withdrawing money that he intended to start a meat-boiling business. The woman assisted in coming up with a budget worth 250,000k but asked Ikonya to withdraw 350,000 where the extra 100,000  could cover the licenses and miscellaneous 50,000.

On the 16th of November, Ikonya realized that the woman had played foul on him after she left earlier in the morning and never returned by evening. Attempts to reach her on the phone were futile. On the same night, Ikonya was on another drinking spree; he decided to withdraw some amount from his ATM only to realize that his account only had 8.78 shillings. She called the woman, who informed him that she was hanging out with his KDF husband who had returned from Somalia.

He found it locked on returning to the residential home he had been hosted. Ikonya called his brother, who sent him 10,000 that settled the bar bill and on the following day, he was on his way back to Ruiru after losing a massive chunk of money in seven days.


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