Nasra admits parting ways with Rashid

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Churchill show comedian Nasra Yusuf has returned to the airwaves after a long time as she performed on Eddie Butita’s new show Laugh and Jazz. Nasra did a couple of interviews and one notable question that lingered on most people’s minds was what transpired with her lover Rashid Abdalla, a comedian on the Churchill show.


Speaking to Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, she opened up about how they separated with Rashid after fighting tirelessly for the relationship. The separation had affected her mentally and physically since she had lost friends and family who opposed the union. She affirmed that she is single.

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” So yes I am single…Anyone that knows me, knows that i fought for that relationship. I lost touch with family because of it, I lost myself and my career because of it, I lost friends because of it, I got constant criticism from my community because of it but I was still willing to make it work even though the roots of our problems were the same year in year out for 5 years.”
Moving on hasn’t been easy on me….”



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