Nostalgia! the mojo that came with Swahili football commentary

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It’s a football session, and World Cup fever is at its peak; already, we have witnessed some attractive football from the top world’s finest teams and as we proceed to the knockout stage, it will be even more exciting and juicy.

Down the memory line, Radio was the most valuable asset during the World Cup period,, safe for the lucky few who were able to afford television sets. Notable Swahili football commentary spiced the memory of the beautiful game back then; their linguistic mystery defined their prowess in what they did. Currently, we can see some in others in the field with English commentators like Peter Drury who have won the hearts of many.

Here are four notable Swahili commentators living rent-free in our minds and we appreciate them for the nostalgic feeling they give us in enjoying the beautiful game of football.

1: Leonard Mambo Mbotela

The radio veteran has contributed a lot to the media scene with experience of over 50 years. The Mombasa born is a living legend of those who highly embraced the mastery of Kiswahili and his linguistic were top-notch.

He is commonly known for his famous phrase ‘Joe Kadenge na mpira,’ and he was able to embrace some of the memorable Harambee Stars matches back in the 80s.

2:Jack Oyoo Silvester

Jack Oyoo, alias Kaka Jos gained fame during his spell at KBC; while serving as a Swahili football commentator, he won many souls of the game courtesy of his fluency in the Kiswahili language. Oyoo, who has roots in Siaya, also spent over 15 years in Tanzania, which helped mold him to perfect his Swahili.

Living Legends: Jack Oyoo Sylvester - YouTube

3: Ali Salim Manga

Ali Salim Manga is another veteran commenter who has dominated KBC airwaves. Offer joined in the year 1977 and he was able to broadcast several major football tournaments, including the 2006 World Cup in Germany. His mastery of the Swahili language was quite recommendable.

GWIJI WA WIKI: Ali Salim M'Manga – Taifa Leo

4: Mohemmed Juma Njuguna

The late Mohemmed Njuguna ranks straight in the record of legendary commentators with experience of over 40 years. Starting his career in 1970 at Voice of Kenya(VoK), the now KBC and his Swahili fluency were top-notch with full of humor when commenting. Mohamed received a Head of State commendation (HSC) back in 2010 for exemplary performances in commentary broadcasting. He died in 2019 after suffering from an along the disease.

Kenyans mourn passing of Mohammed Juma Njuguna - The Standard Entertainment



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