Akothee warns bloggers who tarnish her name.

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Musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth alias Akothee has breathed fire on bloggers who have constantly tarnished her name and vowed to end this.

Going live on her Instagram, the musician has hit out on the bloggers who have constantly focused on the negative side and forgotten the excellent job she has done for the community. She indicated that she had educated over three hundred students while the media had only focused on her new relationship.

Akothee indicated that her haters went to the extent of reporting her lover Omosh to the immigration department, not forgetting the constant trolls channeled to her family, including her daughters who are over 18 years.

The negative media publicity has affected her mother due to the constant negative publication. She highlighted how she almost lost brand endorsement due to the negative publication, which she states is due to jealousy and malice.

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