Akothee:I fall sick in relationship because I fear Lungula

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Controversial musician Esther Akoth, alias Akothee Madam Boss is again back with another teaser. On Friday morning, Akothee posted a picture of being admitted to a hospital beside his Mzungu lover.

Madam Boss has cooled down concerned fans that it was just brief admission and the reason she gave cracked some of the ribs.

“I am not admitted, we came back home & feeling better, thanks for your wishes . I fall sick in relationships because I fear  s€x, I just love to cuddle, kazi ngumu usiku kupendukiwa penduliwa kama ugali sipendi, napenda usingizi. mimi ndio shida. Date me at your own Risk,” cheerfully Akothee claimed.

Akothee recently went after Bloggers who have been focusing on her relationship and warned them that she would take stern action against them. Madam Boss claimed that bloggers have constantly focused on the negative side and forgotten the excellent job she has done for the community. She indicated that she had educated over three hundred students while the media had only focused on her new relationship.

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