Man dumped after educating and buying girlfriend a car

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A Nigerian man identified online as Sir Semi can not believe his eyes after his girlfriend dumped him for another man after making sacrifices to give her a better lifestyle.

The man opened up about sponsoring the lady through her higher education, further going ahead and buying her a car. The man emotionally expressed himself while admitting that he is devastated while suicidal thoughts run through his mind.

After sponsoring this girl through school she left me for another man. This was the same girl I bought a car for last year. I’m so depressed and sad, can’t eat nor sleep. I have been crying since I find out. I’m tired of this life. I don’t think I can live anymore. People advised me to collect the car back but I still love her and want her to be happy even after breaking my heart into pieces,” stated Semi.

Cases of men sponsoring ladies for their education and being dumped after have been common in our societies. Some marital counselors have advised men to stop playing parental responsibilities for the ladies they are dating or intending to marry.

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