“Stop blaming me for your downfall” Thee Pluto

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The content creator and businessman Thee Pluto has revealed shocking information about Xtian Dela in an interview with Mungai Eve. He revealed that Xtian Dela used to smoke bhang all the time, starting from breakfast.

Responding to accusations by Dela, he hinted that they were no longer friends after Dela tarnished his name.

Dela launched a podcast alongside his wife, Fatma Banj where they brought to light the cause of their downfall and how the couple struggled for two years after they were accused of being scammers and online fraudsters.

Dela was working as a marketer at the Santorini Club which collapsed and most workers were never paid. He said that his ex-partner was never accountable and the blame fell on him since he is a public figure.

In regards to online scamming, he said that he was invited by Thee Pluto and got shortchanged after Safaricom closed the company’s pay bill number and most clients who lost their money blamed him while on the other hand, Thee Pluto became the beneficiary as he bought new cars.

Thee Pluto has warned Dela to stop blaming him for his downfall and taking unnecessary credit for his recent success.

Fans had mixed reactions:

Both are puny men chasing clout…where are their whips
“Xtian thought he was timeless. He did not know that people build him and they can destroy him. He started scamming teens in the name of land investment mara mp.”


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