5 relationship goals you should have in 2023.

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Relationships and love life have no manual. It needs consistent prayers and understanding to achieve desired goals in bettering your relationship. Here are 5 goals that will improve your relationship in 2023.

Forgive and forget

In any relationship, there must be ups and downs. At one at a time, you will be in a fierce battle where your partner will evoke his/her beast mode and utter words of disgrace due to emotional change. The best to avoid a break is to be calm, strive to get a consensus and, most importantly, forgive and forget. People tend to speak out their truth when angry. Reevaluate the incident, rectify and forget what transpired.

Plan for more dates

Ensure you constantly change the norm and try something new more often, not watching tv and sleeping as every Tom, Dick and Harry is on his/her phone smiling at funny memes. Try taking an evening walk, visiting restaurants you pass by in town, going to the cinema, and eating fast food as you admire the serene environment. If you haven’t done all this, 2023 is here to try something new.

Make sex a priority

Some people say life is spiritual. So is sex. Sex is a powerful tool that strengthens or breaks ties. In every relationship, sex should be a priority. Don’t be afraid to explore means and styles that can satisfy your partner. Most importantly, don’t be shy in bringing the sex topic on board. Discuss and find common ground that will be comfortable for all partners.

Gain new skills

Gaining new skills, or developing existing ones to higher levels of competency, is one of the best ways to further your career. Taking skills courses, for instance, in programming, sales or design, allows you to diversify your applications, proving a more valuable asset to any project or organization.


offer necessary  mental support

It’s never our job to heal our partners, but we should offer support. Our mental health fluctuates throughout our lives, meaning you may see your partner at both ends of the spectrum. Have a vulnerable conversation about how your mental health has fared this year and what you’d like to work on individually in 2023. Ask your partner how you can support them, and likewise, tell them how you’d like to be supported.

work out

Recently, the human population has been affected by body-related diseases that can be traced back to a lack of sufficient exercise. This year ensure you enrol in a nearby gym or subscribe to fitness classes online, and as a couple, ensure you keep fit. Push your partner to achieve optimum performance and consistently encourage each other.

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