Is Vinnie Baite Dating miss kiambuthi?

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Speculations on Kenyan comedian Vinnie Baite dating tiktoker Miss Kiambuthi have emerged and sparked a conversation, especially on the TikTok platform. Vinnie has recently changed his niche into short hilarious motivational videos on TikTok.

In an interview with SPM Buzz and Sauti Tv, he denied the claims that they were dating and challenged the interviewers since Miss Kiambuthi lives in Nakuru, and he promised to travel to Nakuru and meet her. He acknowledged that miss kiambuthi is very beautiful.

The TikTok investigators compared and contrasted the setting where Vinnie and Kiambuthi shot their videos. In both contexts, there are grey fibre-made seats and curtains. But can we say that isn’t sufficient evidence?

Miss Kiambuthi’s videos are recorded by a man who has remained anonymous, whom the fans think it’s Vinnie Baite. Can that one be a coincidence? Or let’s say voices can be identical.

The last evidence dates back to June 2022, when a screenshot reveals that miss Kiambuthi commented red love emojis on Vinnie’s post. Do most fans do that? Most of the evidence produced may not be sufficient to substantiate that the duo is dating. Well, let’s give time its role.

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