Pastor Ng’ang’a gifts a lady a brand new car.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center is arguably one of the most popular pastors in Kenya due to his humourous way of preaching and his skills behind the guitar. Most meme makers have used his clips to entertain their respective audiences.

On New year’s eve, while preaching, he called a lady Mama Mbugua, to the pulpit and narrated how Mama Mbugua and her husband had been hospitable to him years ago after being released from prison.

Mama Mbugua used to promote his fruit business as his husband allowed Pastor Ng’ang’a to eat from their hotel for free. He also revealed that she bought choir members’ outfits immediately after pastor Ng’ang’a opened his first church.

Evoked by the spirit, pastor Ng’ang’a felt he needed to reward her. He directed his men to take her to Mombasa, where she could choose her favourite car from a pack of five cars that were in Mombasa. Emotional Mama Mbugua was seen praying as Pastor Ng’ang’a concluded this revelation.

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