Justina Syokau cries due to cyberbullying.

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Controversial singer Justina Syoka popularly known for her song ”Twendi Twendi” is back on the airwaves due to her recent controversies: She had videos of her with an elongated butt, followed by a controversial song ”Twedi Twendi three” ni which its lyrics left fans murmuring. ”Twendi twendi three ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa”

In a recent interview, she promised that this year she will take over the music industry as she defended the phrase kupanuliwa means that its gospel-driven and the kupanuliwa in gospel context means the broadening of God’s boundaries to the people.

She hinted that in February this year, she will release her album, which is likely to feature Tanzania artist Rayvanny and other Kenyan artists. Later on,  she was in tears while responding to the cyber bullies who have consistently hurled insults after releasing her songs.

She revealed that she subscribes to the biblical analogy of a prophet is not accepted at his home and therefore, she will devise other means of preaching the gospel.

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