Kenyan podcasts that you should start listening in 2023

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Digital content creation in Kenya has undergone a great revolution, and the digital space in Kenya is taking shape. Currently, in Kenya, the mainstream media has suffered a setback, especially with the younger generation preferring to feed information from online content.

The Covid period brought a shift in mindset and a big opportunity for Kenyan digital content creators available online. The number of bloggers, YouTubers and podcasts has significantly increased in the past two years. In the current vibrate industry, we have seen some content creators harvesting from their sweat through the proper utilization of their creativity and skills.

Iko Nini Podcast Episode 92 King Kalala part 1 Education, Drama & Bad Secrets - YouTube

The podcast space is gaining popularity in Kenya; already we have seen a good number of local podcasts sharing their work on Anchor FM, Spotify, Youtube among other platforms.

The local podcasts have focused on discussing lifestyle and social issues which face Kenyans from day to day. They range from relationships youth issues about politics; some podcasts like Mics are open and Iko Nini are stamping this authority. Some new upcoming podcasts are already doing pretty well; Kim Koima, a podcast discussing back-to-school memories in high schools, can rejuvenate your moment.

Here is the list of the Podcasts we recommend you check out.

  • The Mics are Open
  • Joyride Podcast
  • Iko Nini Podcast
  • TMI Podcast
  • Legally Clueless
  • Kim Koima
  • Mantalk Podcast
  • The Sandwich Talk

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