Amber Ray and Ken Rapudo Expecting a baby.

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Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray has taken it to her social media platform and revealed that they are expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Ken Rapudo.

Last year, Amber Ray hit the headlines over the bitter exchange with Amira, the ex-wife to Jamal. At that time, Amber was dating Jamal, and the love triangle became a mess as they constantly served netizens a taste of tea through their rants and bitter exchange. Amira accused Amber of bewitching her husband.

Later on, Amber Ray moved on and started dating Ken Rapudo. Late last year, Ken Rapudo proposed in a colourful ceremony filled with roses.

Congratulations, dear❤️ wishing you the very best in this journey
I’m so happy for you guys
@mckena_mcckena: Online in-laws, we wish you the very best in your journey..congratulations ma’am
@sonia_moe._:No sleep,
@betty_favored09:I get excited whenever kamati ya roho chafu are being defeated… Congratulations are in order.😍😍😍😍😍

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