General Muhoozi attacks Kenya again.

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It seems the Uganda president’s son and army general, Muhoozi Kinerugaba, is not done with his antics on Kenyan soil, or he has missed constant engagement with Kenyans on Twitter.

Once again, he has reignited the online feud with Kenyans after another controversial tweet regarding wetlands in Kenya. “Is Westlands still up for sale?”

Last year, in October, he threatened to invade Kenya, and in his tweets, he said that it could not take two weeks to seize Nairobi. He asked his followers to suggest the posh places he could live in Nairobi, such as Westlands and Riverside.

“It wouldn’t take us, my army and me, 2 weeks to capture Nairobi,” he said. “After our army captures Nairobi, where should I live? Westlands? Riverside?

Obviously, the tweet  has drawn mixed reactions:

The wetlands economy can feed your country’s budget for 5 years and provide enough for your family to steal!
Umeamua kulitia taifa aibu tena?
A fortnight without your tweets z a fortnight wasted. Long live our generational leader& the best soldier of the day!

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