New Details emerges on killed Nyamira teacher.

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Days after it was reported that Nyamira-based teacher Mr Ezekiel Nkeere Gitagwa was missing, his lifeless body was found in a nurse’s house. He was mutilated and his body was wrapped in a carpet in a house used to rear poultry.

His last details revealed that he was at Egesieri village in Nyamira. His wife had reported that he was missing after failing to return home. Police’s investigation leads to the nurse’s home. After careful investigation, his lifeless body was found while the nurse was nowhere to be seen.

The neighbour heard the teacher Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa pleading for his life while crying.

“On the same day that this person (the teacher) is said to have come towards this side, there was a lot of noise and somebody crying asking to be forgiven, saying ‘please don’t kill me and then the noise ceased,” the Area DCI said.

The nurse and his boyfriend have been accused of murdering Mr Ezekiel. Up to now, they are yet to be smocked out of their hideout.

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