Kenyan influencers must change or perish

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The influencing culture in Kenya has grown dynamically in the recent past, and young content creators have taken opportunities to monetize the content with several brands. The content creators have built the audience from their content; some are reputable celebrities who their followers trust; brands have their faith, which presents them with the opportunity to make money.

While the influencing industry has been looking lucrative, local influencers securing appetizing deals, some sections of their audiences have complained. Some have been accused of their integrity; do they believe in some brands or put money first? Some have promoted scams either knowingly or unknowingly; in some instances, Kenyans have been scammed into buying land parcels in the wild, while some end up wholly conned. The influencers must ensure that they authenticate the legitimacy of the products and services they promote.

Another problem with some of these Kenyan influencers are changing the goals post; we follow some of them so that they give us legit content, be it comedy or music, but some have changed and incorporated the brand content to take space a big part of their content. They end up losing a huge following and the engagements decline. We all understand they need money but let them try to moderate and strike a balance between the two; otherwise, some out there are doing a great job on our social media platforms.

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