Madowo shocked as Random strangers asks for pic because his black

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CNN African respondent Larry Madowo is shocked after visiting New Delhi, where he met several strangers asking to take pictures with him because he was a black man and ignored his celebrity status.

“Random people keep asking me for pictures in New Delhi, and not because they recognize me from TV. It’s because I’m Black/foreign. I don’t get it. get asked for pictures A LOT in China. They bring their kids, everyone smiles, it’s cute. I don’t remember this happening when I was last in India in Mumbai or Bangalore. But my Israeli friends have also been asked for pictures in Delhi by strangers,” stated Madowo.


Madowo has been on a work-related assignment in India, where he has been feeding his followers with attractive destinations in various places in New Delhi.

Some sections of Madowo followers narrated undergoing the same experiences, especially in China, where some places where locals rarely interact with black people.

@MwendaKev: It was the same for me in China. Random people wanted to take photos with me. A few wanted to touch my hair.
@JustEdith: New Delhi was like that for me as well… and Taj mahal was even worse as they were almost forming a line to take pictures
@Young_Africann: When other races, like white people, come to remote areas in some continents, the locals get excited or surprised by how they look, why would you feel differently when a black person goes to other continents and the locals there are also excited/surprised to meet such.


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