CS Ezekiel Machogu bans remedial classes.

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Education Cabinet secretary Mr Ezekiel Machogu has announced that the government has banned early and late school classes to give the learners sufficient time to rest. This directive will see learners depart from the norm, requiring them to report before dawn . The classroom activities will now end before dusk.

‘’When we refer to the normal school calendar, it is clearly stipulated in the school program that learning should begin at 8 am and end at 3.45 pm. We put our learners  in unnecessary struggles by waking them at 4 am to attend lessons in schools by 6 am.”

This has elicited mixed reactions on social media:

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu bans Morning and Night preps What a CHICKEN vision!!!
Too much work without play/ rest makes jack a dull boy. CS Ezekiel Machogu has a point here. My thoughts though

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