Jalang’o among Luo Nyanza MPs who visited President Ruto

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President William Ruto and his Deputy Righthi Gachagua today hosted over seven members of Parliament from Luo Nyanza over what they termed has Unity and development talks.

The move comes just a month after the President visited Luo Nyanza, a turf considered his most vigorous opposition that has adhered their loyalty to arch-rival ODM Party leader Raila Odinga.

Langata MP Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o was conspicuous in the meeting accompanied by the ODM Party’s member leaders like Mark Nyamita, Tom Ojienda, Gideon Ochanda, Caroli Omondi Elisha Odhiambo, Shakeel Shabir among others.

Jalang’o boasted of the goodies he successfully negations and for his people of Langata would receive.

“Today we had breakfast with the President; I followed up on the Start date of the construction of affordable housing in the Highrise ward and the completion of the Langata TVET. The project is on, and the contractor is on the ground; an extra 50Million has been located for the completion.” stated Jalas.


The statement from the state house read.

President @WilliamsRutoand Deputy President @rigathiTuesday held a meeting with a section of MPs from Nyanza as a follow-up to his recent tour of the region.The leaders explored a mechanism of working together to address national and county issues.”

Netizens have held varying opinions. While support feels the move is healthy for the country’s development agenda. At the same time, some questioned their loyalty and standing of the ODM Party which is currently grounded on the opposition and questioned the legitimacy of President Ruto’s victory in the last general election.

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