Hilarious memes on Fuliza service temporary outrage

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Telecommunication Comp0any Safaricom customerson the Fuliza overdarft sertvice went on the panick mode after the service exprienced an temporary outrage.

The accident reported on8th March afternoon affcetde some users. The company noted the perobelem and took a shortset time of less than hour to restore the service back.

As usually, in the streets of Socialmedia, netizens could not miss the chance of making fun of the situation. Some of them opted to share memes of what happens to people when a major service from the company is inerrupted.

According to some of the reports published back last the year, Kenyans where making trascation of over ksh 2billion a day, which indicated that the services was essential to many when sorting their emerginccy on matter arising financially.


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