Protesters pelt stones amidst Maandamano call.

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Days after, Azimio and opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga instructed his troops that they would head to the streets to protest against William Ruto’s government. He voiced his grievances: electoral injustice, high cost of leaving, and illegitimate government.

President William Ruto was candid in his sentiments as he warned Raila Odinga that he could face the law if businesses and destroyed by the protesters and hinted that he was ready to negotiate with any lady as long it was in line with the constitution.

Early today, 20th March, at 7 AM protesters pelted stones as police lobbed tear gas at Kibra. The police have been seen recollecting tires left by the roadside.

There is a heavy presence of police along the Nairobi CBD, KICC, and City Hall, where the Azimio leaders are expected to meet before marching to the state house.

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In the same way, the government hates maandamano ( which they are right about) it’s the same way Kenyans hate inflation, employment of two tribes, and empty promises. So it’s two-way traffic. They can stop the other by treating Kenyan well and the way of peace and unity.
How do they distinguish between a demonstrator and someone going attend to attend to his daily chores? This is blanket condemnation towards the residents of Kibera.
KK, Azimio same,1. worked for a sitting President, 2. was born in politics. Unaweza jilinganisha? CALL OUT your MPs, and Senators their role is Legislation, Oversight, and Representation. Si kupiga mapicha na hawa 2 thanking them for jobs as if walikuwa viwete wakaponywa #Inatuhusu

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