Yesu Wa Tongaren confirms safety amidst scare

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Eliud Wekesa, alias Yesu Wa Tongaren, has trended in the streets of social media; the self-proclaimed Jesus has left man speechless for his religious activities and claims. Some have described his beliefs as madness, but he has remained put on his course.

Netizens with their memes, gave a jokingly warning to the self-proclaimed Jesus to prepare to be crucified during the Easter Festival celebrations. This joke almost went overboard after allegedly a group of Bungoma residents was seen loitering near his compound and they could do want they meant on social media.

Wekesa has confirmed that he is safe and confirmed his position on celebrating his Easter while being interviewed by the Standard group.

“Jesus was crucified only once, and since I have come for the second time, it is written that I come to save those who await me, not to die for their sins a second time. I came back to complete the work that I started more than 2000 years ago when I left Earth,” Claimed Eliud Wekesa.

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