Uproar as Kenya set to send policemen to Haiti.

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Netizens have expressed mixed reactions after Foreign Affairs Minister Alfred Mutua announced that Kenya plans to send police officers to Haiti on a peace-making mission to combat gangs.

Kenyans have termed the move ill and questioned the move behind it as Kenya was facing insecurity problems internal in the Northrift with the bandits and sending police officers outside the country. At the same time, we have not solved our issues was unwise.

Alfred Mutua’s statement read.

Further, we reviewed Haiti’s situation where gangs have made towns & peoples’ lives unbearable. In this regard, it has offered to send police officers to assist in stabilizing the country.  is one of the nations at the forefront in supporting Haiti’s process towards stability?”

Here are some of the reactions of netizens.

Does Haiti know that Kenyan Police are unable to find bandits or banditry? Why should they trust them to fight gangs that are worse? CS Alfred Mutua is being delusional. It’s a shame & disgrace. Kenya Kwanza needs prayers.
The Kenya Kwanza government wants to send Police officers to Haiti to fight the gangs over there. This is the government you all woke up to vote for. This is how they think. When you elect clowns, be very prepared for a circus.

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