When church cults spell doom of death

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The top trending story of the week has been from Kilifi County, Kenya which has shocked many after religious cult activities led by Paul Makenzie turned into horrific tales.

The cult leader is believed to brainwash his followers into fasting to death, with most victims being children. Several graves have been discovered in the Shakahola area of Kilifi on an 800-acre land believed to belong to the pastor.


(Kilifi Cult Leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie)

The latest update on Sunday, 23rd April, indicated that 39 bodies had been retrieved from the shallow graves; reports suggest that the detectives have marked about 54 graves which will be worked on.

The cult activities have raised questions over the religious regulation in the country, which need to be checked; in other parts of the world, they have been shocking stories of religious brainwashing that has ended in fatal fate.

The year 2000, 17th March, dates back into the books of history, the darks events which took place in Kanungu Uganda, where over 700 people died in a church inferno connected with the faith of the believers. The dated massacre belonged to the followers of the Movement for the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God church in Kanungu village, Kanungu district in southwestern Uganda.

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The religion was founded on doomsday prophecies and was led by a  high priestess Credonia (pronounced “Keredonia” in the local Rukiga language), Mwerinde and renegade Catholic clerics. Throughout its 12-year existence, about 1,000 of its adherents have perished in unexplained ways.

As current religious activities are raising questions, netizens have urged the government to look into the matter and develop methods of regulating religious activities. Most have led to people losing their properties and life while some of these cult leaders are enriching themselves through the desperate nature of their flock limited to poverty and access to knowledge and information.

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