10 facts about Pastor Mackenzie

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Pastor Mackenzie of the Good news international church has been in the headlines after it was revealed that he was encouraging his followers to fast to death as others abandoned their places of work and schools for the kids. Most people strongly believe that the deaths could have been prevented.

On Monday, 24th April, 67 bodies were exhumed from the Shakahola forest as the Pastor was detained at Malindi Police station.

Here are 10 things you need to know about pastor Mackenzie:

  1. Before he started preaching, Mackenzie was a taxi driver.
  2. He went to Malindi courtesy of his sister.
  3. He is the founder of the Good News international church.
  4. He has been arrested about four times due to his controversial gospel but acquitted 
  5. 93 children were rescued from his church in 2017
  6. In 2018 the members of Kilifi demolished his church after a series of unattended controversies 
  7. He was arrested for inciting the public against Huduma Number in 2019.
  8. The church in Shakahola was built in 2022.
  9. Accusations of human trafficking have pointed to the multiple deaths that have occurred under his watch
  10. Mayungu child rescue centre was the first to put his stupified actions on red alert.

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