Shock as a Woman kills and eats her kid.

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A woman in Kitengela was arrested by the police after stabbing her two-year child and eating the remains. Oliver Naseren aged 27 years old, locked herself and started playing with the baby before becoming violent and committing this horrifying act.

The commotion that erupted resulted in the curious neighbours trying to see what was transpiring only to find out that the door was locked and upon peeping through the window they were mesmerized by the scene at hand. The police were alerted and they quickly rushed to Kitengela and broke, only to find the victim unconscious.

The OCS kitengela confirmed that the woman stabbed the baby and ate the intestines and the kidney. She was taken to hospital and forced to vomit the remains that will act as evidence in a court of law.

”She’s most definitely under some spell. No way is she in self-control. Poor baby.”

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